Monthly Archive: December 2018

Paper on history of Quantum Biology by me and Jim Al-Khalili now out!

Posted 14th December 2018

The real history of quantum biology In a paper published by the Royal Society journal, Proceedings A,  The origins of quantum biology, we examine nearly 100 years of pioneering and improbable questions about the relationship between the fuzzy and almost magical world of quantum physics and the rigid and organised field of biology. We also reveal […]


World’s first training Centre for Quantum Biology established at the University of Surrey with £1m support from the Leverhulme Trust

Posted 13th December 2018

The University of Surrey has been awarded £1million from the prestigious Leverhulme Trust to establish the world’s first doctoral training centre for quantum biology. The Centre, which will be headed by Professors Johnjoe McFadden and Jim Al-Khalili, will train a new generation of scientists with the skills needed to study and even exploit the quantum […]