Monthly Archive: June 2019

Quantum Biology Doctoral Training Centre Seminar From nanotech to living sensors: unraveling the spin physics of biosensing at the nanoscale Clarice D. Aiello, Stanford University, USA 2pm, Thursday 13th June Room 01 DK 03, University of Surrey

Posted 10th June 2019

Abstract I am a quantum engineer interested in how quantum physics informs biology at the nanoscale. As a physicist, I have developed high-performance nanosensors that essentially worked due to room-temperature quantum effects in noisy environments. Currently, I am focusing on “living sensors” — organisms and cells that respond to minute stimuli, routinely outperforming technological probes […]


PhD opportunity at the Quantum Biology Doctoral Training Centre (QB-DTC) to study energy generation through electrogenic organism microsystems.

Posted 2nd June 2019

Explore the electron transport mechanisms between membrane cytrochromes and electrode along pili. Is this a classical conductive transport, is it ion transport, or does it involve quantum tunnelling along a series of Fe-S clusters? For example, the quantum extension of the classical Drude theory of metal conductivity shows that regularly spaced potential wells (positive metal atom […]