Human Nature: Fact and Fiction: Literature, Science and Human Nature (2006)

Human Nature: Fact and Fiction brings together a collection of inspiring, thought-provoking and original perspectives on human nature by ten leading writers, scientists and academics.

What do we mean by “human nature”? Is there a genetically determined core of humanity that unites us all as members of a single species? Or is the thing we call human nature a social construct? And how do we explain the mystery of human creativity? Do great writers have an intuitive grasp of what makes human beings tick, or are they merely the mouthpiece of contemporary culture?

It has been claimed that “the greatest enterprise of the mind has always been and always will be the attempted linkage of the sciences and humanities” (Edward O. Wilson). This groundbreaking book marks the beginning of a new dialogue between the two. Rather than focusing on the division between them, it shows that the sciences and humanities have much to learn from each other. Points of disagreement remain. Yet there is in this volume a genuine attempt to bridge the gulf that has traditionally separated the sciences and humanities and to reach a better understanding of what it means to be human.

The result of a 2004 smposium that tried ti bridge the putative chasm between the science and the arts, Human Nature offers some intriguing insights.

(The Guardian)

A little book that packs a lot of punch.
(T)his book provides some genuinely new thought, incorporating evloution, culture, imagination, literature and genes. A heady mix.

However where the real interest lies is in determining where these multiple perpectives align…being more anaylsis than synthesis, Human Nature allows its readers to find this golden section for themselves – a point that makes this book really stand out from the crowd.

(Ros Sitwell Morning Star, The )

Foreword, AC Grayling
Introduction, Robin Headlam-Wells and Johnjoe McFadden

Author(s) Robin Headlam Wells and Johnjoe McFadden
Date Published 2006
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
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